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Procedures in Dealing with Complaints

Family Bank undertakes to provide the highest levels of service to its customers, please let us know if our service does not meet the level of your expectations in any way so that we can satisfy you.

Follow these three steps to connect your point of view to the concerned:

First – Briefing the responsible person on the problem

Let us know your problem and suggestions by contact the Complaint Officer:

Heba Faraj  – Tel +973 17366182
or email:

The Family Bank will respond in writing to customer complaints received by the Bank in writing within 5 working days of receipt. And will during the 4 weeks later notify the client in writing of the action taken against the complaint.

Second – Follow up

If you are not satisfied with the action taken by the responsible employee, the complaint will be raised to the Banking Operations Manager.

Sana Salim – Tel +973 17366199

or email:

Third – Compliance Directorate at the CBB

In the event that Family Bank and you are unable to resolve the matter, you can refer the ‎matter to the Compliance Directorate at Bahrain Central Bank.‎

Note: Copy of the Code of Best Practice and complaint procedure is available with Banking Operation Department.